A natural experience that embodies history, heritage, style and simplicity in equal measures. The bare bones of Mediterranean Archipelago liberate the mind and nourish the soul.

Chora is an interpretation of the Mediterranean way of living. A culture of welcoming warmth and simple pleasures, of deep-rooted traditions and charming sophistication. A place where life follows the rhythm of nature and being together is what truly matters.

Chora is a mythological name dating from the classic Greek philosophy and storing archaic ritualistic dimensions. Plato saw a gap between the world of ideas and the world of phenomena. He tried to overcome this gap with a new concept: Chora. a third and intermediary principle besides the principles of Being and Becoming. He described Chora as the “nurse of Becoming” that nurtures growth and transformation.

Mediterranean Heritage Reimagined

Timeless, galvanizing, spontaneous. From the architecture to the cuisine, Mediterranean culture is all about respect for mother earth and a liberating lack of pretension. This ethos is celebrated in every element of Chora. A modern interpretation of Mediterranean tradition that is both profoundly familiar and surprisingly unexpected.

A space for inclusive gatherings and holistic festivities, Chora embodies the open-hearted soul of Mediterranean hospitality, where life centers around the table and every occasion is an opportunity to welcome home family and friends to share stories, sing and feast.

Re-imagining the Greek agora—a place where thought is cultivated and the soul nourished by sublime surroundings, fresh food and inspired cultural programming